Radio Jockey

Jithin Babu
Jithin Babu, a PGDM student in Media Management and Marketing from DCSMAT School of Media and Business is an active member of Radio DC FM. Right from school level he has been an active student in all types of cultural activities such as mimes, skit etc. He has many credits to his name in the feild of event management, he has organized a inter college fest at his degree level and has actively organized a seminar on Social Media and the Society as a part of the 11th DC International Book Fair held at Kanakakunnu Palace in Trivandrum. He has done his summer internship in the field of Online Promotional activities that can be done through Citizen Journalism in MediaGuru Web Services Ltd, Noida. He is a member of the Media Cell at DCSMAT. His passions include photography, watching good films and traveling.
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