Radio DC broadcasting station is located in the sprawling 75 acre campus of KINFRA Film and Video Park, Trivandrum, Kerala, India. It provides the right environment to interact with the visual media industry and boasts of advanced and state-of-the-art infrastructure facilities such as open air theatres, shoot locales and exhibition areas.

The Radio station is equipped with the most modern equipments with digital sound recording facilities. The studio has excellent infrastructure for both in-house production and for air transmission with a 50 Watt FM stereo transmitter and low power antenna. The transmitter is installed in the Radio Room and the feeder cable routed to the Radio Room and connected to the transmitter.

The other equipments include:

Equipment Details Make of Equipment
Transmitter (50 Watt FM Stereo transmitter)           PX 50 FM Stereo Transmitter SL No. 2381
Radiated Power 50 Watt
VSWR 1.27
Reflection 0.7 Watt
Antenna with Tower
(5/8 wave Omni Directional Antenna)
5/8 Wave Omni Directional Antenna
Studio & Control room One sound proof studio and control room
Studio Equipments
Mixer- One
Microphone- Two
Amplifiers- One
CD Players- One
Recorders etc.- Two
Super scope PAC 750 Cassette / CD / Audio mixer SL No. MZ000024030077
Shure PG 58 Professional microphone with cable
Super scope CD Player and amplifier
Mini audio digital recorders